June 1, 2023

8 Useful Software You Should Have on Computer

We don’t realize how much easier our lives have become the technological advancements. For those who are either students, teachers, or professionals in the computer field, several programs may make their work a lot easier. Below list of software that you should have installed on your PC. Apart from that, many others can help you get things done faster, but this is an excellent place to start for those who want to get started.

1. OneNote by Microsoft Software

Use this program to take notes and organize your ideas into one place. You can also add multimedia content to notes and pages. Sharing notes with others is a breeze, allowing for easy collaboration. It’s the perfect place to save all of your thoughts and ideas. You can find what you need with this app’s search usage, which is its most prominent feature. Finally, proxy-rarbg makes it simple to access for free.

2. Grammarly Software

This is a terrific resource for those who work with words. The software checks your work for errors in grammar and punctuation before spreading it to others. If you want to make sure that nothing on your site, has been plagiarized. You may use the plagiarism checker that comes with it. Grammarly has a commercial version that has more features if you need them.

3. Google Drive 

Google Docs is a great tool because it’s free and easy to use. Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms are just a few of the options available. When working on these documents, you can edit files at the same time as anybody else, regardless of location. It’s a great way to get things done from afar. The online community has a huge fan base.

4. Microsoft Word Software

Because of its versatility and ease of use, Microsoft Word has become a popular program. Resumes, papers, flyers, and other documents may all be created with this program. You may save your work in a variety of formats so that it can be opened on other computers. If they don’t have the same operating system. It is the most popular software in the world. It’s pre-installed on the vast majority of computers.

5. Microsoft Excel 

Another time-tested tool is Microsoft Excel. Its built-in functions and formula make data collection a breeze, and it’s perfect for tracking all types of data, from numbers to text. You can use this tool to create graphs from your datasets! You may use this spreadsheet tool to develop financial models such as budgets and predictions or to keep track of numerical data. As a result of the program being pre-installed on a new computer, even someone with no prior computer experience may use it.

6. Acrobat Reader 

It’s virtually inevitable that you’ll open and work with a PDF at some point in your career. Annotating, altering, and managing your PDF files is a breeze using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is the industry standard for PDF file access. It is also compatible with a wide range of devices, allowing you to take your work with you wherever you go. In addition, you deal with a multitude of file types, Adobe’s membership package gives you access to all of their apps.

7. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is remote access is essential for both personal and professional use. The ability to remotely control a computer using TeamViewer comes in handy while helping someone or when your profession necessitates frequent trips abroad. Sharing files and working on projects together in real-time is a snap with this tool. This software is completely free and doesn’t involve any kind of registration on your part.

8. Google Chrome 

Since Google owns it, it’s the default browser on many devices. Google Chrome is an open-source alternative to Chrome if you don’t want to use it for whatever reason. In addition to bookmark and extension synchronization, malware protection, and translation of foreign pages into your native language. Google Chrome is also a popular internet browser. It’s simple to use and quick to set up.


To sum things up, the programs listed above should make your computer work easier. Find out how much more productive you can be by putting things into practice.